Awning Window

Our awning window range is our most extensive products range, with a wide variety of styles and configurations to suit any home. Hinged from the top and opening at the bottom, awning windows allow for ventilation in all weather conditions. Our awning windows provide excellent energy efficiency when paired with an energy efficient glazing solution.

  • Non thermal break or thermal break for option.
  • Silicon with excellent air tightness and cooperate with 12mm space hollow glass to achieve good sound insulation performance.
  • Tested and meet Australian Standards AS2047 and glazed in accordance with AS1288.
  • Variety of glazing options available.
  • Variety of non-thermal break aluminum profiles and thermal break aluminum profiles.


  • High value for money
  • Increased level of security and level of sound insulation
  • Maximum functionality and modern design
  • Ease of use and high functionality
  • High quality with certified performance
  • Increased endurance and functionality in case of severe weather conditions


  • High-quality aluminium frame with certified performance
  • Large dimensions and wide spans
  • Aesthetic options with straight and round design
  • High performance in terms of wind resistance, air permeability and water tightness
  • Optimized for maximum structural stability while using minimum aluminium

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